Maine Coon Cats I Have Known
Maine Coon Cats I Have Known

I put these up for LisaJulie when I got my new baby kitty in November 2003. So here they are. Enjoy.

And then I added a few of Sappho, even though she is NOT a Maine Coon, just so she wouldn't be jealous. Mem. 30 January 2007

Baby Sappho

Here's my baby white kitty with the "horns" on her head.

Green-Eyed Darling

And this is Sappho all grown up.

Deuce at 1 month

Here's the first picture I got of Deuce from his breeder.
He's one month old.I loved the white spot on his nose.
It will help identify him in later photos.
Go down a little further and look at my other red kitties
and you'll see why this is important.

Deuce at 7 weeks, standing

Here's one from the next set of photos.
Deuce is now 7 weeks old.
This one shows a side view so you can try to see his
tabby markings. Deuce is a registered Maine Coon Cat
from Amerrykoon as was Red Skye (below). Sadly, Deuce brought FIP with him from the cattery and only lived for a little more than a month after I got him

Deuce 7 weeks sitting

Here's another seven week photo of Deuce from the breeder.
Doesn't he have a nice "M" on his forehead?
Deuce is short for Felix Domesticus Marmeladeus Secondus.

sticking out his tongue

And just so you'll know what the little fellow thinks of you,
here's Deuce sticking out his tongue.
Or maybe he's just yawning. Hard to tell.

Red Skye


This is the fist photo I had of Red Skye. Same breeder as Deuce.

Baby Skye and sister


This is my second Skye picture.
He seems a bit fluffier at that age than Deuce.
That's his sister in the background.

Red Skye, one year


Skye at one year.

Red Skye Blue Chair


As you can see, Skye grew to have great presence and dignity.

Felix on afghan


This is my original Maine Coon, Felix Domesticus Marmeladeus Tripodicus. He became Tripodicus in his later years when an incident with a fox and a car lost him a hind leg.

Christmas Felix


Here's Felix the last Christmas he was with us.
There's a reason you can only see three legs, but, hey, I'm not telling.